About Us

What is Mishtri.com?

Mishtri.com is a home service marketplace for booking nearby professional handy workers with around 300+ services available under 12 primary categories including plumber, electrician, home appliance repair and service, on-demand cleaner, pest control, home shifting, home renovation, etc. The best services are usually provided with people in your city or area, so it’s easy to get services locally and quickly at Mishtri.com. All you have to do is select your area.  So, it’s just one click away to get your problems solved by skilled workers on Mishtri.com.

You can sign up for a free account and always do job listing easily. For having a great number of categories it’s easy to find necessary workers for clients within less effort and if you are a worker, it’s really easy for you to enlist yourself in the multiple categories of works you are good at. Moreover, we carefully review and check workers’ backgrounds to ensure verified service quality so that both clients and workers meet satisfaction.

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