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Make Your Life More Comfortable

Make Your Life More Comfortable

In our everyday life, there are many works which get delayed due to the lack of the right persons or helping hands. Sometimes we consider these works minor and struggle to get efficient hands. For example, finding a mechanic, an electrician, and a professional worker for fixing door locks or switchboards, repairing a fridge or television, mending the broken handle of a hand shower, booking a wedding photographer suddenly and the list can go on. Even if someone wants to have someone make a customized quilt or bookshelves, paint wall, drawing a portrait, clean, decorating home, etc, it is hard to find those professionals at your doorsteps. Therefore ‘Mishtri.com’ enables clients to find the right persons for all these works. Besides, We have been able to enlist some rare jobs such as Personal Fitness Trainer. It is just like a one-click away for clients to select an area and find nearby handy workers. Both clients and workers will be able to track each other and their locations. Clients can hire service providers easily with the options of easy booking and canceling options. After getting the job done, they will pay and also give ratings and reviews to the workers. Workers will get them hired by clients and by providing good services they will earn money. 

Both workers and clients to register their basic information. Workers can create their job listing according to their skills by providing sufficient information and work experiences whereas the clients will be able to search for nearby workers for any particular job category and hire workers. Booking and canceling appointments are also available there. Clients can hire workers by evaluating the ratings and reviews of a worker given by his previous clients. In a word, clients will have all the possible facilities to evaluate their workers based on different categories to assume the quality of their performances. Satellite observation of workers allows both clients and workers to get and give nearby services respectively. Both parties will be able to track each other’s location and communicate easily.

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